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How to Clean Carpet with Vacuum Cleaner?

A clean carpet makes the room look beautiful and protects the health of the people around them. However, not many people are familiar with how to do the job efficiently. The essence of carpet care begins with understanding which tools to use and how to use them well.

But why do people need to clean their carpets in the first place?

The Benefits of Vacuuming Your Carpets

Before one starts brainstorming on how robot vacuum cleaners work, it is more important to understand the benefits that come with making a carpet cleaner. A clean environment does more than only making the space look good.

Vacuuming improves air quality indoors by cleaning dust, often harbored around the carpet. Abrasive materials rub along the carpet fibers, thus causing fraying. Frequent carpet cleaning helps the rugs stay in good condition longer.

Dampness is a source of bad smells. Moisture gets underneath the carpet pad during spill accidents, humidity, rainstorms, prolonged drying, warm water cleaning, or using a carpet shampooer. Continued moisture exposure causes mold and mildew to grow and bring pungent smells.

Pet odors bring bad smells too. Cigarette smoke and fiber breakdown are also common culprits. Frequent use of a carpet cleaner removes these smells easily.

A clean room promotes better sleep. Research by the National Sleep Foundation shows that people who sleep in clean environments rest better. When people sleep, their breathing rate decreases steadily. Whenever the air quality is disturbed, there is less air getting into the lungs, and there are shallow breaths. Resultantly, a lot of stress is put on the respiratory and circulatory systems.

When these systems are not working correctly, one cannot sleep well. Creating a habit of using proper carpet cleaning tips and using a vacuum can save the breathing system.

At the end of the day, everyone has a right to feel comfortable in their spaces, especially at home. A clean carpet significantly contributes to this reality.

How to Deep Clean Carpets with robot vacuum?

Technology has made life easier in so many ways. Remember the times when one had to use a mop and bucket to clean every house’s corner? Today, this is not the case, at least not for many households.

Vacuum cleaning started with heavy and expensive machines, today the technology is getting smaller, more flexible and more efficient. Ultimately, vacuum cleaning does not have to be exhausting. Gone are the days when one had to push a large vacuum cleaner around the carpet to make it clean. While traditional vacuum cleaners were limited in some spaces, this is now not the case.

Robot vacuum cleaners are faster and less involving. Since they are automated, many of them using smartphone applications, one does not need to be in the room when they are working. You simply set the hours you need the carpet cleaner to operate and leave it to perform its duty as you go to work or grocery shopping.

Here is a step to step guide on how to clean disgusting carpet with the robot vacuum.

  1. Choose the right vacuum cleaner for the carpet.
  2. Do a bit of manual cleaning before using a robot vacuum cleaner.
  3. Move all directions to get all specks of dust out.
  4. Bring in the robot vacuum cleaner.
  5. Do a trial run when someone is in the room to monitor the effectiveness of the machine.
  6. Ensure that the lights are on for the vacuum’s sensors to work efficiently.
  7. Take time to allow the brush and rug to suck up all dust bits.
  8. Never let the bags fill up completely to keep them efficient.
  9. For water-soluble stains, you can first soak a cloth in club soda to thoroughly dry the carpet.
  10. When using cleaning chemicals, warm water is more effective than cold water.
  11. Vacuum thoroughly before using a carpet shampooer or a carpet cleaner- this removes surface dirt and grime.
  12. Empty the vacuum's bin, so it is not dragging old dirt on the carpet instead of cleaning it.
  13. Create a throw zone to have effective cleaning cycles.

There should be no obstacles along the way, so users should toss any physical items behind the throw zone before leaving the house. All boundaries should also remain marked accordingly, to keep the vacuum cleaner from going to unrequired areas.

It is important to note that if your carpet is black or any dark color, the cliff sensor will not recognize it. It will therefore be much harder for a robot vacuum cleaner to work on such carpets if it even gets to work at all.

Also, people who have shag carpets might need to look for a better alternative. The long hair on such rugs triggers cliff sensors like a drop would. Since one cannot disable cliff sensors at the moment, currently found in most homes, a robot vacuum cleaner will not be as effective.

cliff sensor will not recognize dark or shag carpets

A robot cleaner is efficient for any other type of carpet and gives users the flexibility they yearn for when looking for the best way to keep their environment clean. Thanks to its size, it reaches every corner of the house, giving it an exclusive finish. It also can detect obstacles, so users do not necessarily have to direct its every move.

Best Choice: Dreame F9

You have to consider a few factors when buying a robot vacuum cleaner since they come in different shapes and brands. However, no one wants to buy a low-quality product only because it was cheaper. From shapes to the operating mode, always make sure you are looking at what you need to accomplish before purchasing.

While there are many vacuum cleaners one could use with the carpet cleaning tips above, the Dreame F9 is one of the most recommended options. It is one of the most quality products one will find in the market today.

The cleaner works, as illustrated.

Test run

Take the Dreame F9 for a test Run. Depending on the general layout of your home, this machine will sensor all around due to its map memory and 14 sensors that adapt to complex environments. It also has a remarkable mapped memory to master every angle, which makes its performance easier and fast.

Obstacle Crossing

Dreame F9 is an obstacle crossing robot. Obstacles can be bad news for any robot vacuum. Items like screws, plastic bags could damage the internal components and scratch flooring. Dreame F9 has eight sets of infrared sensors that detect obstacles. The dynamic mapping system with a fifty times/ second path calculation presents upgraded learning and exploration. Therefore, in the case of blocks, there is no need to worry.

App Operation

The robot operates using an App by just one press. Never has carpet cleaning been this fun and easy. It is easy to work with compatible devices.

Anti-bacterial function

Bacteria is a huge bother for the immune system of both humans and pets. Dreame F9 has antibacterial microfiber mob control. Therefore, it eliminates 99.9 per cent of bacteria, leaving the room disinfected.

Carpet Climbing Function

Few robots can climb woven rugs. The upgraded learning and exploration function enable this device to treat carpet edges as a stepping stone. It can easily move from a medium pile to the hardwood floor.


The device is small and very portable. It has an ultrathin design of 8cm, which makes navigation easy and steady. It is also admirable to the eye and light on the hands.

Strong Suction

The stronger the suction, the more dust and dirt a vacuum cleaner collects. Dreame F9 has a super-powerful suction of 2500Pa. These robots do not lose their suction often and rarely clog. The Dreame F9 protects the people’s health by ensuring all the particles and allergens are dealt with.

Superior Advantages

With dream F9, there’s more in one package. From a dynamic mapping management system to 150 mins run time, nothing will be stressful about cleaning your carpet or the house environment in general. Its powerful suction and ultra-thin design ensure that cleaning remains flexible, easy, and fast.

To Wrap It Up

Efficiency should always be the number one factor when looking for an ideal robot cleaner. This will ensure that the user has an easy time keeping their environment clean. In short, efficiency gives value for investment.

Are you looking for the best robot vacuum cleaner for your space? Contact us today for further guidelines.

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