Dreame's First Robot Vacuum Revealed!

One of the most reluctant chores to do is vacuuming. It sounds so monotonous, and it also takes a lot of time. With things moving fast in the current society, it is time people saved time with the Dreame F9 robot vacuum cleaner. It has some excellent features such as mapping functions, and a brushless motor, for instance. As such, to buy a robot vacuum cleaner is a unique way to clean your home without having to spend more energy and time.

dreame f9 has mapping function

The robot vacuum cleaner only needs control through an application. Besides, its mapping functions come in handy as it can detect different parts of the house, and clean them appropriately. Therefore, by just setting it up, and letting it do its work, one will get time to handle other duties. Dreame F9 has brought up the reality of future cleaning, and the gains it brings, surpass any form of cleaning.

Dreame Technology's First Robot Vacuum Has Been Running

Since 2015, Dreame technology has been doing a series of inventions in the cleaning market. This company continued to expand its market with new products inclusive of the Dreame F9 robot Vacuum. Ideally, it is the first smart robot equipped with a modern generation of a brushless motor, and an improved battery that offers high performance. With an excellent characteristic of mapping functions enhancing its map memory, this device can clean different home areas within a few seconds.

Besides, it has ideal sensors which are essential for route planning when cleaning either tiles or carpets. The sensors come in handy as they prevent the vacuum cleaner from any drops. Other great features to be discussed in details include 2500 pa suction, perfect water control, sweep, mop functions, anti-bacterial properties, 5200 mAh battery, and an excellent navigation system.

2500pa Suction

The higher the suction power, the more dust and dirt the vacuum cleaner will collect in a single pass. With a 2500pa suction power, the Dreame F9 vacuum can quite easily remove strenuous impurities from a surface. Its high suction power ensures no difficulty sucking up dirt, or sucking other particles that are attached to the carpet. Dreame F9 guarantees no loss in suction power as it ages as the air is moved in a spiral motion, which ensures suction is at maximum, and also great cleaning results. Most homeowners avoid buying vacuum cleaners with high suction power as they believe it consumes more power, but this is a common misconception.

Sweep and Mop

Dreame F9 has remarkable sweeping and mapping capabilities. Primarily, it can simultaneously sweep and mop a floor in a single pass. Dreame F9 has a 90minute water mopping capacity, which enables it to clean over a long period without adding more water to its tank. It also has a 317mm full mop that can clean a more substantial area for each user. Moreover, Dreame F9 has various modes one could use such as sweeping, vacuuming, and even mopping wet or damp floors. It also has a 0.1-millimetre flexible microfiber roller brushes that are quite efficient in sweeping and mopping as they absorb a substantial amount of water leaving the floor clean and dry.

It has a high-speed 190rpm side brushes, which easily clean out stains from surfaces within a limited duration of time. Dreame F9 can sweep or mop several surfaces effortlessly like tiled surfaces and laminated or hardwood surfaces, for instance. It is also 8cm thin, which enables it to clean beneath other objects such as chairs and beds easily.

Precision Water Control

Dreame F9 has an active water control precision anti-leakage, which efficiently prevents leakage or spillage of water. Furthermore, it also controls the amount of water used quite meticulously, and according to the specifications of the user. Generally, various surfaces require different amounts of water for cleaning. Therefore, water should get controlled precisely to avoid degeneration of the surfaces. This feature also ensures the use of water efficiently, preventing any wastage.

Dreame F9 has a 200-millilitre intelligent water tank that provides sufficient room to store water. Also, it has a two-layered dustbin and filtration system that facilitates proper airflow movement. Additionally, it has trash section with a capacity of 600ml which provides ample space for storing dirt before it gets cleaned out.

The Visual Dynamic Navigation System

Dreame F9 has a pioneer 2.0 visual navigation system with smart, dynamic mapping that makes up to 50 path calculations per second. This system comes in hand with high functionality capabilities such as map memory, for example. It enables the vacuum cleaner to learn as it progresses, and it discovers new areas to clean. It also has automatic room recognition that helps it to identify different rooms of the house, and how best to clean each room. It is also capable of path planning, which allows it to avoid cleaning areas it had already cleaned before. Dreame F9 has a set of 14 sets of sensors, 8 of which are infrared sensors used to detect barriers, therefore, preventing bumping into things. The sensors also help the cleaner to avoid sudden drops.

dreame f9 comes with 2.0 visual navigation system

5200 mAh for 150 Minutes

Dreame F9 has a battery capacity of 5200mAH, with a 150min battery life. It enables it to clean a large proportion of space quite efficiently. As such, its large capacity battery allows it to power its high-speed motor sufficiently, and also maintain its high suction power. Dreame f9 is capable of intelligent charging, therefore, can operate even when left unattended. The battery is also fast charging. Thus, it takes a short period to recharge.


Dreame f9 is not only used to suck dust and dirt, but also to fight bacteria. When fitted with an anti-bacterial solution, Dreame F9 kills bacteria, and it also prevents them from growing back. This feature is most suitable while cleaning the toilet and kitchen floors as they are most susceptible to being infected by bacteria. Additionally, the 0.1mm flexible microfiber roller brushes are quite efficient in spreading the anti-bacterial solution even to the tiniest creeks between tiles.

Dreame F9 is the ultimate vacuum cleaner your house deserves. With its high function capabilities, you will be able to complete your cleaning tasks within shorter periods. Ideally, the 2500pa superstrong suction, pioneer 2.0 visual navigation, excellent battery life of up to 150min, ultra-thin design, and the dynamic path planning, are some of the features that make Dreame F9 tower over most vacuum cleaners. These unique features make Dreame F9 more than just a vacuum cleaner, but rather a helper. In truth, Dreame F9 is the ideal vacuum cleaner for every household as it will significantly improve the livelihood of the users.

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