Dreame T20 New-Gen Vacuum Cleaner: Launching Soon!

Dear Dreame Family,

Greetings from Dreame Team! Thanks for showing love for Dreame V11, which has been well sold in several areas. We are now introducing its upgraded and global version: Dreame T20, a new generation of cordless vacuum cleaner! 


With 125,000 RPM high-speed motor and strong-power 25KPa suction, Dreame T20 helps you thoroughly remove all the dust dirt with ease. Compared to the V11, Dreame T20 has upgraded the all-round brush with hair anti-winding function, which can automatically adjust the suction power and the speed of the roller brush to different types of floor. Its swappable battery and auto cleaning mode help you release your fingers for lager area cleaning, bringing you an elegant cleaning experience.  


We are excited to announce that it will be launching soon on Indiegogo! Subscribe today to get more first-hand benefits and information!

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