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Home technology allows your living space to be economical, functional, and entertaining. Smart home gadgets and devices connect to the internet and act as an assistant to help you achieve your household chores such as vacuuming, grocery shopping, cooking, and more.

What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home contains a variety of electronic devices that conduct tasks that are usually done by people. The devices are operated with artificial intelligence that includes automation, applications, and voice commands. The technology used in smart homes is designed to make life easier, save energy, conduct tasks, entertain, and provide safety.

How Does a Smart Home Impact People’s Lives?

Most people are overwhelmed with busy schedules, household chores, work, homeschooling, and cleaning. A smart home has a positive impact on people’s lives since it provides assistance and relief from daily activity which helps people have more free time.

A smart home is highly efficient and acts as a support system to keep the household running at its optimal level. It’s convenient, easy to use, and reduces daily stress.

Smart homes benefit all generations including the working force, retirees and youth. Depending on the amount of interconnecting smart devices a home has, it can increase the comfort level and lifestyle of the entire family as well as add years of life due to less stress.

Introducing 2021 Smart Home Trends

The future of smart homes looks promising. Technology is always being designed to enhance and improve the home environment. The following smart home gadgets include the best 2021 smart home trends every home needs!

Smart Home Robotics

The best robotic vacuum 2021 will see is the Dreame D9 robot vacuum cleaner. It features a BMS smart battery managing system, automatic pressure boosts for carpets, wet mopping, a HEPA filter that is easy to wash and replace. What’s more, the vacuum can be connected to Alexa and is available to voice commands.

dreame d9 robot vacuum cleaner

Smart Home Security Systems

A safe home gives people a sense of security and peace of mind. Smart home security systems connect to Wi-Fi networks that allow users to control the device using an app on their smartphone. Most security systems offer a subscription option that allows professionals to monitor your home 24/7.

The SimpliSafe home monitoring system is the top choice for 2021. It’s great for renters, and has a low monthly rate. It’s easy to install, portable, and has a lifetime guarantee. This wireless system has a 15-second response time that is the best in the industry.

Smart Home Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used places in the home. Smart home gadgets for the bathroom include self-flushing toilets, ventilation controls, and an automatically activated air freshener.

After the surprising shortage of toilet paper in 2020, the TUSHY Bidet toilet attachment is something every smart bathroom needs in 2021. This impressive system features a knob to control the water pressure and angle of the spray. It quickly turns a standard toiled into a bidet that keeps the entire family clean.

Smart Home Lighting Systems

A smart lighting system allows you to turn the lights in your home on and off from a remote location. You can also program the lights in your home to turn on and off at specific times of the day. Lighting systems help lower electricity bills and save money long term.

The best smart home lighting system for 2021 is the D-Link outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug model DSP-W320. It features a USB charging port, two outlets and it’s activated by voice commands via Google Assistant and Alexa. It’s weather proof and controls pool pumps and outdoor decorative lighting.

Smart Home Laundry Rooms

Doing laundry doesn’t need to be a difficult experience when you have a smart laundry room. There are a variety of washing machines and dryers that produce high-quality results at home. They are convenient to use and help save energy, money, and time. The innovative LG G8 ThinQ washing machine has an Artificial Intelligent Direct Drive motor that produces optimal results.

Smart Home Video Doorbells

Chances are you already heard about video doorbells since they have famously revealed unusual activity on front porches and doorways. You can see who is on your porch or at your doorway before you unlock your door.

This smart home gadget keeps you safe and prevents unwanted guests from entering your home without your permission. There are a variety of video doorbell models to choose from including wireless and motion detection options but the one you need for 2021 is the Geeni 1080P Smart WiFi wireless video security doorbell.

In 2021, AI-driven technology will become increasingly popular. You can expect to see more smart home gadgets designed to use computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing. Begin investing in 2021 smart home trends today!

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