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How to Perform Antibacterial Cleaning with Dreame Robot Vacuums

While innumerable pathogens harbor the environment, you can effortlessly clear them with the help of an antibacterial floor cleaner. Disinfectants take your cleaning exercise to the next level since they eliminate all micro-organisms that cause diseases.

Consequently, they help stop the spread of contagious ailments that would otherwise wreak havoc if they spread. You have to find detergents and cleaning solutions that kill both bacteria and viruses for you to have a successful disinfecting exercise.

If you are looking for a full-proof method of disinfecting floors, herein is the best way to disinfect floors using the Dreame robot vacuums and easy to find house cleaning products.

The Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

Most people assume that there is no difference between cleaning surfaces and disinfecting. There is a thin line between them that makes it difficult for most folks to differentiate. So, what exactly is the difference between the two procedures?


Cleaning is the act of removing dirt from a surface to keep the environment looking clean and neat. People clean surfaces frequently using soap and water, and it is a prerequisite to disinfecting the floor with antibacterial cleaning products.

This process is relatively fast since you aim to remove soil, debris, and stains from the floor. You can scrub or mop the surface depending on the amount of dirt you are cleaning.

cleaning the floor


Unlike cleaning, disinfectant requires you to use chemicals such as bleach to clean the surface. These chemicals remove germs, bacteria, and viruses that spread diseases.

In this process, you have to allow the disinfectant to set on the surface for a specified period before wiping it off. This dwelling time allows the disinfectant to kill the pathogens.

Tips for Disinfecting Floors

Disinfectants differ from cleaning detergents in the chemical composition, making them harsh. Therefore, you need to use pro tips when handling antibacterial cleaning products to avoid damaging your floor and skin.

Here are some of the pro tips you can incorporate into your disinfecting routine to achieve stellar results.

  • Always cover up using protective gear while preparing and using a disinfectant.
  • Ensure that your floor is free of soil and general dirt before applying antibacterial cleaning products. Additionally, allow the floor to dry before proceeding to the next step.
  • For the best results, use an antibacterial floor cleaner that the Environmental Protection Agency recommends for your floor type.
  • Keep the disinfectant on the floor for the specified time so that it removes the pathogens you want to eliminate.
  • Read the instructions provided on the packaging. These will help you learn how to handle the solution and how and where to store it after disinfecting the surfaces.
  • Seal the containers well and store them away from children. And once you deplete your solution, discard the container appropriately.
  • Use a spray applicator, antibacterial cleaning cloth, or auto-scrubbers to apply the solution on the floor.

Now that you know what to do before and while cleaning, we can learn how to disinfect the floor using the Dreame robot vacuum.

The Right Way to Use Antibacterial Floor Cleaner with Dreame Robot Vacuum

When you want to disinfect the floor with Dreame robot vacuum, you have to incorporate a disinfectant that will help achieve top-notch hygiene standards. Antibacterial floor cleaners are a bit harsh, especially acidic ones, thanks to the chemical formula manufacturers use in their production.

Thus, you have to find a friendly way to use them not to damage your cleaning robot. You are not recommended to add anything other than water into the vacuum's tank. The Dreame robot vacuum's manufacturer designed the tank to accommodate a neutral solution like water.

dreame d9 robot vacuum tank

The acidic antibacterial cleaners will erode the tank from inside, eventually creating holes that will leak water into the mortar. Once water gets to the machine, it is game over for you. The water will ruin your robot vacuum, creating the need to get a new one.

And if you think using detergents and soap in the tank is equally fine, you are in for a rude shock. Considering that the pipes have a design that accommodates only water, adding other cleaning agents into the tank will cause the pipes to clog. Consequently, the clogged pores will reduce the machine's shelf life significantly.

Instead of adding solutions into the tank, you can soak the antibacterial cleaning cloth in the disinfectant, then attach it to the robot cleaner and disinfect the house. As the mop spreads the disinfectant, the bot dispenses water to cover 200m² surface area.

You can do the same with cleaning solutions when you want to clean the floors. Remember to dilute the solution to avoid ruining your Dreame robot vacuum. You can also apply the solution to the floor using a spray bottle and let it sit for some minutes before you command your robot to clean the surface.

dreame d9 robot vacuum

Wrap Up

The best way to disinfect floors is to begin with cleaning the surface. Remove all the dirt and ensure that the floor is spotlessly clean. Allow the floor to dry before you begin disinfecting it using the floor type's right cleaner.

A majority of the disinfectants come as concentrated solutions, so read the instructions to learn how to dilute them before using them on your floor. And while you are at it, remember to protect your hands and face from the harsh chemicals using protective kits.

Allow the antibacterial cleaning agent to dwell on the floor for some time so that it can kill the disease-causing pathogens. Failure to do so will result in wasted efforts, and you will have wasted resources too.

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