How to Maintain Robot Vacuum?

Not just long ago, robot vacuums were invented, and it all sounded like a joke for everyone. How can I just wake up, and a robot would clean my house with just some simple instructions? Many people asked themselves such questions while some cited impossibilities of the robot vacuum. Today, many people have acquired the robot vacuums and boast of the simplified work performed by the combined hardware and software. They now ask questions such as, how long do robot vacuums last? And how do you clean a robot vacuum?

One popular robot vacuum is the Dreame F9 vacuum that boasts of more excellent capabilities such as long battery life, working hours, and other mapping functions. After acquiring the robot vacuums, the challenging part that comes is the management of the robot vacuum. Since robot vacuums are some latest inventions, many people are not used to its maintenance. As such, this piece answers the question, "How do you take care of a robot vacuum?"

Robot Vacuum Maintenance Tips


After some cleaning time, one might realize that their robot vacuum wheels are squeaking and can even fall out. Mainly, the front wheels are affected. If one faces such issues, they should firmly pull the caster wheel to remove it from the robot. At this point, they should spin the wheel using their hands and see the frequency of rotation. If the rotation is unusual and restricted, it is time to clean the debris around the wheel.

One should also push the axle to separate it from the wheel completely. This is done to clean any debris around the axle. Finally, one should wipe the wheel, fix it back to the axle and reinstall it back to the robot vacuum. If one faces any challenge in fixing the wheel back to the housing, it is time they contacted the Dreame F9 customer care. In case of such an issue, one should be ready with the robot vacuum, serial number, and warranty claims.

Main Brush

The Dreame F9 robot vacuum has one main brush that pulls all the dirt, hair, and debris into the dust cup. Like the same way the wheels get attached to debris and restrict their movement, the main brush can also be entangled with debris, mainly hair. After one completes their cleaning duties immediately, they should give attention to the main brush and remove anything that attaches itself to it. However, one needs to be careful to avoid cutting the bristles that help in the cleaning.

After a whole month of cleaning, one should remove the brush from the robot vacuum. If on a budget, one should consider handwashing using warm water and a mild detergent. Afterward, they should let it dry thoroughly before returning it to the robot vacuum. Alternatively, one can replace the main brush with a new one. However, it is essential to know how to fix a new brush. Luckily, the Dreame F9 robot vacuum offers quick-release brushes and disposable mop pads, making the maintenance duty easy.

Side Brushes

It is important to note that side brushes are small than the main brush. However, they function as the helpers of the main brush by pulling out debris that the main brush cannot reach. At the same time, they need proper care so that they can continue functioning well.

After one uses the robot vacuum or some time, they may notice that the side brushes are entangled and warped. However, it is quite easy to deal with such an issue in the Dreame F9 robot cleaner. One needs only to straighten the side brushes back. This can be achieved by heating the bristles using a blow dryer for just a few minutes.

When the side brushes are warm, these brushes are going to fall into place. However, one should hold them in the right position so that they can cool down.


If one has acquired a Dreame F9 robot sensor, they do not have to worry about sensor maintenance as it easy. They only need to wipe the sensors with melamine foam that is lightly dampened. For instance, they can use a magic eraser to ensure that the sensors are sparkling clean. When cleaning the sensors, one needs to wipe the inner and outer ports or the sensors. They can do this using the magic eraser. If someone does not know where the sensors are located, it is essential to read the manual and understand. This makes the cleaning process easier to make sure that they can last long as they offer the cleaning service.

Sensors work by bouncing off light from their presence. As such, they have to be occasionally cleaned as a way of enhancing their efficiency. If debris covers the sensor, it might be hard for it to bounce light off, thus decreasing efficiency. It is important to note that one should not use bleaching agents or detergents as they can damage the lens of the sensors.

Since the Dreame F9 has sensors mainly in the front and back, maintenance is paramount. If one's robot vacuum gets stuck under the couch, one should not just pull it out. This can cause sensor damage. As such, one should remove it by lifting the coach and guide it to get back to the track.

Filter and Dustbins

Cleaning bins and filters is another crucial aspect of robot vacuum maintenance. It is a practice that one needs to follow regularly faithfully. One should not let the bins be densely packed or filled. This is because the bins are not so big; thus, it is vital to monitor them often. If possible, one needs to check the bins every time they do the cleaning.

How often do you need to empty robot vacuum? This is a question asked by many people who have just acquired the Dreame F9 robot vacuum. Emptying your robot vacuum should be regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt.

The filters should also be kept clean. Keeping them clean makes it easier for them to conduct the cleaning process efficiently. If not, it becomes hard for them to suck dirt and dust. Besides, uncleaned filters also prevent the robot vacuum from collecting debris effectively.

For the Dreame F9 robot cleaner, one can use a dust brush to clean the filters. Other alternatives include hairdryers and compressed air.


In carrying out maintenance of the Dreame F9, one should pay close attention to batteries. Although the robot vacuum has a 5200mAh, maintenance of the battery is crucial to ensure that one is not overworking the robot vacuum. Maintaining batteries helps one minimize costs because the batteries can be quite expensive.

maintain dreame f9 battery

In case one is not familiar with how they can maintain batteries, they should read through the manual for better maintenance. The manual will guide them through how frequent one can charge the batteries.

Firmware and Software

Due to frequent software updates, someone must stay in touch with their manufacturers. Since technology improves daily, it is essential to keep contact in case of any update.

For the Dreame F9 robot vacuum, they have movement algorithms that frequently need updates. Apart from software, the firmware should also be updated. This can be achieved using a cable connected to a computer. If someone has no experience with the whole updating story, it would be better to call a specialist from Dreame F9.

Other Tips

Removing Hair

Removing hair on the Dreame F9 robot is an essential tip of maintenance. This is because hairs and other debris cause the robot to malfunction. The hair clogs the wheels impeding the movement of the robot. Besides, the hairs also attach themselves on the brushes making it hard for them to clean the floor. As such, removing hairs from the brushes and wheels is crucial.

Clean The Floor

Since the Dream F9 robot cleaner is not meant for any floor, it is wise to clean the floor before engaging the vacuum cleaner. This happens because some floors are hard to deal with, and some homes may have extra debris and dirt that may impede the working of this robot at the word go. In such a case, it is crucial first to clean the debris off the floor so the robot can do the final touches. Besides, the robot is not meant for heavy-duty cleaning but modern floors that are frequently cleaned.


The Dreame F9 robot vacuum is a dream come true cleaning agent for many homeowners. However, it comes at the cost of maintenance that should be upheld at all costs for a longer life. Most tips discussed above will come in handy in the maintenance of this robot vacuum for long term service. For better service, people should follow the stipulated guidelines for efficient cleaning.

fashionable appearance of dreame f9

The Dreame F9 robot vacuum is made from modern technology and is recommended for most modern homes. If someone does not have it, it is time they checked in for one. The robot has a higher production output with just simple maintenance practices. The bandwagon of this great robot should leave no one!

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